The Leading Sinus Dilation Procedure

Balloon sinuplasty is a catheter balloon dilation treatment, similar to that commonly used in cardiac and vascular disease. A small balloon is inserted into the sinuses are highly effective in restoring the opening of blocked lumens and restoring drainage. Relief is immediate and long-lasting, with excellent outcomes being documented for about two years out from the procedure.

“Balloon Sinuplasty was originally introduced in 2005 for use in the OR when performing minimally invasive sinus surgery. Since then, advances in technology have allowed ENTs to safely use the device in the office under local anesthesia.”



Relief From Constant Sinus Pain

For the 37 million Americans in the United States afflicted with chronic sinusitis, an effective treatment that does not involve surgery is a welcome relief from the seemingly endless cycle of nasal congestion, facial pressure, fatigue, headaches, and other symptoms. That is where minimally invasive procedures like Balloon Sinuplasty come in.

Because inflamed sinuses are linked with infection, pain, and structural issues that affect health and breathing, patients with recurrent acute rhinosinusitis, who experience 4 or more episodes every year, may require intervention beyond medical therapies offered to those that suffer from an occasional occurrence. Thankfully, patients with a recurrent or chronic condition can benefit from procedures that resolve the underlying cause, such as balloon sinuplasty. Talk with our ENT specialist Dr. Durmornay before undergoing any type of sinus dilation procedure.


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