Vestibular Testing for Inner Ear Health

Vestibular testing helps doctors determine if there is anything wrong with the inner ear and your balance. Symptoms such as dizziyness and a feeling of instability can be treated with the proper diagnosis from these tests in our Fort Lauderale offices by Dr. DuMornay.

Why Get Vestibular Tests?

In many cases dizziness usually caused by some form of trauma or infection to the inner ear. It might also be caused by low blood pressure, psychological issues or issues with the brain. Hearing pathway tests can also determine if there are any abnormalities or health issues with the inner ear.

Vestibular tests can also tell your doctor if an MRI may be needed, to determine if there are more serious medical issues. In some cases, after an accident or with side effects as a result of certain medication, the vestibular testing approach can help your doctor diagnose and treat you efficiently and safely.


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